Church of Saint Alban the Martyr

An Anglican Church in the Catholic Tradition


Who We Are

A Distinct Identity

Here at Church of Saint Alban the Martyr, we seek to provide a style of worship in the High Church Tradition. We celebrate a Solemn High Mass each Sunday morning, with sung responses enriched by full vestments, incense, and a strong focus on the sacrament.   We strive to build productive relationships and everyone is without exception welcome to join with us at any and all of our services.


About Us

Priest in Charge:

Father Mark Beale MNZM and can be contacted on 0211588631
Parish Priests:

Father Paul Yeomans AHC (0211746752)  

Father Terry Molloy TSSF
Liturgist and Master of Ceremonies:

Ken McGrath AHC
Director of Music   Jenny Barris-Wheeler


The Church Building is used by:   The Anugrah Anglican Church each Sunday at 1pm after our High Mass. This is a Fijian Indian congregation, with services mostly in Hindi.

The Eritrean Orthodox Church each Saturday morning for their Prayer and Worship service from 8am to 10am. The Eritrean congregation are refugees, fleeing persecution, and have made St Alban's their worship base, and are currently seeking their own priest.

The Russian Orthodox Church meets in the church next to St Alban's at 9 am each Sunday, and on various days throughout the year use St Alban's due to the large numbers attending. This is an immigrant congregation, originally worshiping at St Alban's.

The yoga pantry most days in the 


The Yoga Pantry is located under the Church, offering regular weekly yoga classes for people of all ages and abilities.
We are delighted to be able to bring a range of different classes including toddler yoga, prenatal yoga, chair yoga, and our extremely popular beginners courses to the Mt Eden area. A regular yogic

exercise practice

will help you

maintain a healthy

weight, improve flexibility and strength and also gain peace of mind and a healthy appreciation for your body. Helping you to become more mindful in your everyday activities as well as reduce stress, mild depression and anxiety.

Come and see us at The Yoga Pantry and find out if yoga is the right fit for your lifestyle.

You can find more information about our classes including a full timetable on our website

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St Alban's Clergy:

Father Paul, Father Mark (Priest in Charge), Father Terry.

Come and join us. You will be most welcome

tueal waindam lana. sawf takun mawdie tarhib

تعال وانضم لنا. سوف تكون موضع ترحيب

Jiārù wǒmen ba. Bù kèqì        加入我们吧。 不客气

aao aur hamaare saath raho. aapaka sabase adhik svaagat hoga

आओ और हमारे साथ रहो। आपका सबसे अधिक स्वागत होगा