Eritrean Community


Fr Paul and I met with three of the leaders of the Eritrean

Community and Orthodox Church on Wednesday. As we

entered into the church they removed their shoes at the door,

went to the centre of the chancel steps bowed deeply three times

making the sign of the cross before going to the back of the

church. The deep respect they have for all that is holy is an

example to us. I feel that in the Secular West we have lost a sense

of the sacred. During the past 40 years I have observed that the

church of the West has often drifted towards the secular rather

than the sacred. Fr. Paul and I will be meeting formally with the Eritrean Church on Saturday 26th of October as we are welcomed into their service. It is my hope that we can develop a closer connection with these wonderful refugee people. I hope that I can grow to understand their traditions and experience the depth of their culture and faith. Let us pray that they will soon be granted the presence of a priest of their own.

Saturday 26 October 2019.

Father Mark and Father Paul were welcomed

by the Eritrean Church today. At present, the

Church meets in the hall on Saturdays for

prayer and worship, and elsewhere for Mass,

until their own priest can be given. we pray

that this visibly devout community will be

granted their own priest.

The Eritrean Orthodox Church joined with St Alban's congregation along with clergy and people from the Assyrian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church on December 15th for a wonderful awe-inspiring Carol Service