Local artist Martin Law, who is passionate about painting heritage buildings, has painted this for St Alban's Church. It can be viewed in the Church. Shows the building without the surrounding trees.

Saint Albans Future:

All is full of hope. The instruction to vacate the church has been deferred until re-assessment in March. We have graciously been given the chance to discover for ourselves the possibilities for the buildings and the parish.  We have a lot to do between now and the end of March next year. Having experienced the resilience of all those who have stayed as a part of Saint Albans, I know we are up to the task. I have great hope that with God’s gracious love we will discover the right way to fulfill His will. May God give us courage.

Update January 2020

Investigation and assessment of the building is beginning. This coming week (19th) laser scanning of the buildings will be completed. This is the first stage in deciding what structural work might be required.