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Henry Jones

"Henry Jones was born in Folkestone 19 May 1822.  He was apprenticed with Joseph Walker in Lambeth and set up his own business in 1843, settling in Fulham Road, Brompton.  He built a number of smaller organs before his first large instrument in 1861. His magnum opus was for the Royal Aquarium, Westminster in 1876.  When he published a catalogue in 1881, he listed 306 organs of which 106 were in London, (many of which were destroyed in the Blitz) 184 in the Counties and 17 exported, 8 of which are known to have come to New Zealand.  He worked until 1898 and died on 18 May 1900.  His eldest son took over the running of the firm which survived until 1942 when the family home was bombed, killing the remaining members of the family."
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